The Big Day!! September 14, 2013

So the day finally came! And I wasn’t nervous at all; no nightmares, no cold feet, not that much stress. I was just ready for the day to happen.

The night before, my bridal party and I spent the night at the same hotel my now mother-in-law was staying at. And we just chilled out, and when everybody went to bed I stayed up and wrote my vows. Now, I hope nobody thinks I’m a terrible person for writing my vows the night before, but really, I feel like if I wrote them so far in advance they wouldn’t have been as genuine. Kevin admitted that he had his written out in advance but then completely rewrote them the night before too. So I don’t feel bad that I wrote mine the night before.
And we got up the next morning and arrived at my wedding site (The Stockton Inn). We got ready, and it happened. I can’t really explain it any more than just being a perfect day. We are very lucky to have had such a beautiful day being surrounded by such amazing family and friends. It was the best day of my life.

Here are some pictures that a few of my friends posted online.



Here is a shot of me with my bridal party and my flower girls. The little one is my little cousin and the taller one is Kevin’s niece.






This is a shot our photographer took of us to post on his Instagram.




My mother and I. (You can sort of see the mother’s corsage in this shot)





Here’s a shot that my friend Dida took of me. And yes…This is the dress I made. 😀



Me with my little cousin before the ceremony.


The Bachelorette Weekend!

So I basically have the most amazing bridal party ever. My girls planned a whole weekend getaway and didn’t tell me a damn thing about it. They told me what weekend to keep free, and a crazy list of things to pack and a time frame to show up…and that was all I knew.

So I showed up to our meeting place with all of the crazy things packed and we ended up going to Wildwood, NJ!! (NOTE: I already live in New Jersey, so Wildwood wasn’t like a crazy road trip for us to get to.) We had an awesome time and I’m sharing some pictures below.


The Flowers

All of the flowers were done about a whole week and a half before the wedding! I was so proud to finish them with so much time to spare!


This was taken at some point in July when I finished the second flower girl basket and my bouquet. My bouquet is in the center next to an already completed bridesmaids bouquet to compare the colors.


This was also probably taken in July when I did the two baby boutonnieres for our ring bearer and our flower girl escort. They are to the left and center with a normal sized one to the right.


Here is the photo I took the night that I finished all of the flowers!! I was SOOOOO happy to have them finished! The only things not pictured here were the mother’s corsages–which I didn’t get any pictures of before I gave them away.

So if I could throw out a piece of advice for any brides-to-be out there……: Make your own flowers!
I guess since I spent the first 22 years of my life being a dancer and receiving real flowers for every show I performed in, I sort of stopped believing in flowers because you spend so much money on them and they just die and you have to throw them away. You literally throw money away with real flowers. So I knew for a really long time that I was going to make my own flowers versus getting real flowers. I say make your own flowers or get fake flowers for two major reasons: 1) It is SOOOOO much cheaper 2) You get to keep them forever. I will share with you all an estimated amount of money I spent on ALL of those flowers: $75

That is the truth. $75 on the nylon, the wires, the stems, the leaves, everything. If I wanted to factor in the ribbon wrapped around the bottom of every bouquet, then like $85. So, there you have it. It took me a little over a year (spread out, of course) to make all of those flowers, but it was certainly worth all of the money I saved, and everybody involved in the wedding has a nice keepsake from our wedding too. 🙂

The Favors

So I did end up sticking with the sand bottle favor that I had shown in the picture of my last post. However, I was shopping around and found pretty little stamps that would make  all of my charms look SO much better. In the last post, you can see that I wrote the date out myself and it looks like a hot mess. Below are pictures of how I they ended up turning out.


I’m quite proud with how they turned out. It was very time consuming, though. The stamps definitely saved them, because I wasn’t too happy with the way they came out with my own handwriting.

I ended up finishing these the week of the wedding. Like–the Monday or Tuesday before…? Better than the day before!

Speaking of polymer clay, (Since that is what the little charms were all made out of) I want to share our adorable cake toppers that we got from My Custom Cake Toppers:


The day these came in the mail was when I think it finally hit me that the wedding was coming up real fast! They came in the mail around the beginning of August or so and I was SO happy to see them in real life instead of the Etsy website!


Welp…I had done some major slacking on my Wedding Wednesday posts. I was really trying to be good and all, but I was working a pretty wicked summer job and I was unable to do that and wedding planning at the same time. (NOTE: Wicked = Bad Times)
Well…All I can say now is that I have been married a little over a week now and it has been fabulous!! The wedding day was beautiful and I was able to get all of my DIY projects done–and with I didn’t pull an all-nighter the night before the wedding finishing up any of it! …I was only writing my vows the night before :-X

But I guess what I will do here is chronicle all of my major projects from where I left off from my last post and work all the way up to our wedding day.

I do want to thank everybody who has been following my Wedding Wednesday posts when I was actually doing them every week. I hope that if any of you are busy bride-to-be’s, I hope I helped–whether if it was to relate to, or laugh at, or whatever. If you guys are not brides-to-be, I hope it was just entertaining to keep up with.

Alright…the next couple of posts will be about my projects. Stay tuned! 🙂

Week #18: June 19, 2013

So I got a lot of things done this week! But this week was the week where I have been stricken with the anxiety part of all of this…I’ve had two dreams (not nightmares) about the wedding this week and I looked ay my countdown on The Knot and it’s already less than 100 days away!?! When did that happen?!

Anyway…Here’s what happened this week:


I finally got to experiment with an idea I had about my flowers. I wanted to do my flowers with a layer of white to make them lighter than the other flowers. I’m really happy with the way they came out! The photo doesn’t do them justice, but when the bouquet is complete I’ll have a side-by-side comparison of my bouquet and one of the bridesmaids bouquets.

I got some alpha-phase favors down. You can see the bottles of sand with a lovebot inside with our wedding date in there as well. Here’s the reason for them: Kevin and I will be doing the sand ceremony for the wedding and we are encouraging our guests to bring their own sand from wherever they live (We will be having guests from Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, California, etc) and combine their sand into our jars before the ceremony. The symbolism behind it is to show that we wouldn’t be who we are today without the influence of those who we have present at the wedding. So we’re incorporating our guests into our unity ceremony. **And this was all Kevin’s idea!!** So…the favors are little sand bottles that they can take home with them. I think I’m sticking with that as my favors, but they’re not quite ready yet, I need to do a little more tweaking with them.

And I’m getting reply cards back already!! My plan last week was that most of my guests would actually get the invitation on the exact 3 month mark. And from what I heard, most did!

Coming up this week: I’m going shopping for a veil and shoes on Friday with my mother! Once I have those I can finish my dress! Kevin and I are going to finally buy each other’s wedding bands! And I’m sure other things will come up as well, but now it’s crunch time!

I’ll finish off this post with brief overviews of my dreams: the first one I had was basically that our wedding was happening at an old musty VFW hall and we (as in Kevin and I and all of our guests) were all just hanging out in casual clothes and then at some point we all decided to get ready and my girls and I had to get ready in the BATHROOM of this gross little VFW hall. Lol And the second dream was that our wedding was a backyard wedding of some sort–all completely outside in a field somewhere; and it started raining. (-_-) I really hope it doesn’t rain on my wedding day…

Week #17: June 12, 2013

I MAILED OUT MY INVITATIONS!!!! Thank god, now I can focus on other things and all of my posts won’t be about the invitations anymore! Now I can work on my flowers and my favors!


Speaking of…I think I have finally figured out what our favors will be as well! I’ll have experiment favors up for next week…I really like my idea so I hope they work.

Sorry this is a lame post, but I really didn’t do anything other than finish up and mail out the invitations. But this next week I’ll get a lot done, I promise! Friday will by my 3 month mark! It’s getting close!! Waahhhhhahahhh!! 😀